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Approximate best season to see autumn leaves
Downtown areas: From late October to early
November Famous places to see autumn leaves: From mid to late October (The best season in the Jozankei area is a little earlier than others) Since the autumn-leave season depends on the temperature, rainfall and climate, it varies every year.
Please note that the autumn-leave season below is not exact.

Mt. Maruyama, Mt. Moiwa Primeval Forest, Mt. Sankakuyama areas
Access Walk or take a bus from the Maruyama koen Subway Station[T06]
Autumn-leave season Usually mid and late October
Inquiries Green Promotion Department's Green Management Section (011-211-2536)
* Thanks to well-arranged nature trails at Mt. Maruyama, Mt. Moiwa and Mt. Sankakuyama, autumn leaves can be enjoyed while hiking.


Nopporo Forest Park
Address Konopporo 53, Atsubetsu-cho, Atsubetsu-ku
Access Take the JR Bus from JR Chitose Line Shin-Sapporo Station, Shin Sapporo Subway Tozai Line Station[T19] or JR Hakodate Honsen Shinrinkoen Station to the "Kaitaku Kinenkan Iriguchi," "Nopporo Shinrinkoen" or "Kaitaku no Mura" bus stops
Autumn-leave season Usually mid to late October is best, and it lasts until early November
Inquiries Nopporo Forest Park Office (on the premises of the Historical Museum of Hokkaido) (011-898-0455)


Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park
Address Takino 247, Minami-ku
Access Take the Chuo Bus (Minami 92) Takino sen from Makomanai Subway Station[N16] to Takino suzurankoen bus stop
Autumn-leave season Usually after October 13, 14 and 15 until early November. Areas around waterfalls (Ashiribetsu Falls and Masumi-no-taki Falls) are the best spots.
Inquiries Takino Park Information Center (general information) (011-592-3333)


Jozankei Trail (Hiking trails in hot spring resorts around Kappabuchi, Shirakaba Yuen, Futami Suspension Bridge)
Address Jozankei, Minami-ku
Access Take the Jotetsu Bus Jozankei sen from JR Sapporo Station Bus Terminal or Makomanai Subway Station[N16] to the Jozankei bus stop, and walk approximately 10 minutes.
Autumn-leave season Usually early October to around October 15 is the best time. In November, no autumn leaves can be seen.
Inquiries Jozankei Tourist Association (011-598-2012)


Hoheikyo Dam Area
Address Jozankei, Minami-ku (Drive on Route 230. Pass the Jozankei hot spring area and turn left when you see the sign for the dam. Approximately 8 minutes from the Jozankei hot spring area)
Access No public transportation, such as buses, is available. Take a taxi from Jozankei (approximately 2,000 yen from Jozankei hot spring)
Free shuttle buses are operated only during autumn-leave season between the Jozankei hot spring area and the Hoheikyo Dam electric bus stop.
Autumn-leave season Usually from early October to around October 10 is the best season. Although enjoyed until mid October, leaves often fall in late October
Inquiries Hoheikyo electric bus (011-598-3452)
* Rest House Hoheikyo (011-598-3261)
* Electric vehicle fees: Adults 530 yen, children 320 yen
Hours 8:45 – 16:00